Student Study Plan

Student Study Plan

  1. Each student is required to fill out a Study Plan Card at the beginning of each semester according to the time set by the study program through the SPMB/SIS.
  2. Students who do not fill out the KRS on time are not allowed to attend lectures in the semester they will be living.
  3. The procedure for filling out the KRS is determined as follows:
    a. Filling in the KRS is done two weeks before the academic activities of each semester begin.
    b. KRS is declared valid if the person concerned can show proof of herregistration/payment of academic fees.
    c. KRS is made in triplicate, one is kept by the student, one is kept by the Study Program Manager and one is kept by the Academic Sub-division.
    d. Changes to the KRS can be made no later than two weeks after the lecture starts and is declared valid if there is approval from the head of the study program.


  1. Master of Management education study load is 45 credits.
  2. Taken for 4 (four) semesters. With a maximum study period of 8 (eight) semesters (including academic leave) or 3 (three) semesters (Fast Track).
  3. Students who have not been able to complete their studies until the end of the study period will be declared dropouts.


  1. The selection of concentration is carried out at the time of filling out the Study Plan Card (KRS) for the second semester.
  2. Concentration classes will be opened if there are at least 10 (ten) students interested.


  1. Students are required to attend at least 75% of the total lectures (face to face/online).
  2. The Academic Section will calculate the number of attendance of each student as a requirement to be able to take the Final Semester Examination.