Purpose, Service System and Service Schedule

As a unit that provides scientific information and references in the form of books, journals, thesis and internship reports as well as other scientific information, the library is an important part of the teaching and learning process. For this reason, the existence of a faculty library aims to:

  1. Develop and provide library collections in accordance with the needs of teaching materials and the applicable curriculum.
  2. Carry out processing in accordance with applicable guidelines
    Organizing quality services.
  3. Keeping collections organized on their respective shelves and taking care of library materials.
  4. Develop adequate facilities and facilities to support the smooth activities in the library & provide convenience to users.

Realizing this condition, the Faculty of Economics, Trisakti University, which is located on two campuses, provides library facilities on the two campuses, namely Campus A (Grogol Campus) and Campus F (Pulomas Campus). With a collection that includes more than 4000 book titles and more than 20,000 copies, 12000 thesis, 20 scientific journals in the form of physical journals and hundreds of electronic journals (ProQuest, Emerald, EBSCO, and Gale) that can be accessed via computers both inside and outside the country. outside the campus environment, bulletins, magazines, references and theses the availability of collections that are always up to date. In addition to these two libraries, there is also a Master of Accounting Library and internal libraries in diploma programs and several master programs.

The library service system of the Faculty of Economics uses an open service system (open access) which allows visitors to choose the collections they need, except for internal libraries that still use close access because most of it is to facilitate the needs of teaching lecturers.

and the schedule of library services is adjusted to the needs of visitors.

Afternoon (Campus A)

Monday-Friday 16.00-19.00 WIB

Saturday 13.00-15.00 WIB

Membership of the Library of the Faculty of Economics Usakti


  1. Diploma, Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs under the auspices of FE Usakti Have a Student Card (KTM) FE
  2. Membership ends after the student asks for a library loan free letter
  3. Permanent Lecturer
  4. Non-Permanent Lecturer
  5. Non-Lecturer Employeey.


  • User Guidance Service
  • Circulation Service (Loan & return)
  • Reference Service (Search for Specific Information)
  • Journal/Paper Service
  • Thesis service (final project)
  • E-library services include
  • Catalog search
  • Internet browsing/EJournal
  • Photocopy service

To improve the quality of service, the FE Usakti library also has an on-line FE library, which is a form of library service using an electronic catalog or the so-called Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) which can be accessed through the FE Usakti website ( ).

Thus, users are expected to be able to access and browse library collections from anywhere, not necessarily in the campus environment, either at home or traveling in a vehicle.