Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Becoming a reliable study program, and following international developments while still paying attention to local values in implementing management science to improve the quality of life and civilization.


1. Organizing Master of Management education that follows international developments through an integrated education system with a curriculum that refers to the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI) and Outcome Base Education (OBE). 2. Creating a scientific climate and academic culture that is conducive to research and development of science in the field of management that is relevant to the demands and needs of stakeholders. 3. Applying the results of studies in the fields of industry and management as well as encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit to improve the quality of life in a sustainable manner while still paying attention to local values.​


1. Produce graduates who have the ability to think through a problem approach and the ability to develop their professional appearance: the field of global business management with a wider spectrum. 2. Produce graduates who have integrity/high personality who are open and have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are responsive to changes from progress (Global Business Management). 3. Equipping students with skills in the form of mastery of concepts and the basics of field research in the field of science and technology in accordance with the level of mastery and application. 4. Develop cooperation with other institutions, both at home and abroad, in order to increase the knowledge and insight of students. 5. Become a source of information/research on study development activities and promotion of study results. 6. Realizing an excellent service system in providing education, training, research and consulting.​