The matriculation program is designed to help prospective students be better prepared academically to attend regular lectures. This is done considering that some of the prospective students who choose the Master of Management Study Program come from undergraduate program graduates from various disciplines and years of graduation.

The number of courses taken in the matriculation program is largely determined by the student’s status based on the results of the entrance exam selection and interviews, including:

full standing
Prospective students who enter this group are declared free from the matriculation program, in other words, they are accepted directly as students.

Provisional standing
Prospective students who fall into this group are required to take part in a matriculation program which lasts 9 face-to-face meetings for each course.

Subjects given in the matriculation:

Economic math
Introduction to Management
5. Economic Theory and the Indonesian Economy

Matriculation Terms:

1. The matriculation exam is conducted at the 9th face-to-face meeting

2. The passing grade limit for each course is C